The Pensacola Kimono Club

The Pensacola Kimono Club was Officially Founded on Feb 7th 2009 , by Lyuba , Fran, April & Myself ~ Aira.

We All Originate from different Countries, but all of us had a definite LOVE OF KIMONO.

We had all Previously Worn Kimono on our own prior to forming the Club, but not on a regular basis untill we all met Each other.

Since Then we have all Attended & Participated in many events and have gathered new members as well!

We've had such success in our gatherings that we decided to form our Club Officially and share our LOVE of Kimono as well as Educate about Kimono.

WE have recently been invited to participate in Japanese New Years, Bon Festivals and other Cultural events Locally, in Mobile as well as Milton occationally, so we can easily be found at our Booth at these events or wandering around enjoying the festivities.

Every Once and a While we Do Kimono Fashion shows, showcasing a variety of different Kimono from the Simple cotton Summer Yukata all the way to Formal Wedding Kimono for Both Men & Women!

We also try to do a Kimono 101 to explain and teach how to wear kimono and the names and purposes for all the pieces needed to wear kimono.

Generally we will be found making our regular Pit Stops at Barnes & Noble when we are out, so if y'all see us don't be afraid to stop and say Hello.

.....Just Don't call us Geisha's or ask us if we know Kung foo! LOL

.......No Seriously.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2008 Pre club creation

2008 was pretty much when we all started to wear kimono out together, when it was just Lyuba, April & I

I think 4th of july was my first venture out in kimono or in this case Yukata.

What better reason was there to go out in Yukata than to go see Fireworks!?

Unfortunatly i did not yet own a lot of Kimono pieces,
I Only had a Yukata my Aunt Had given me
while i was in Okinawa Last time .
So i had to wear "faux american platform geta"
and i had to borrow an obi from Lyuba
Lyuba of course looks Fabulous & Coordinated!

she tied me a really cute bow!

We met up with Joseph and some of his friends
 to watch the fireworks show

the cruddy faux geta gave me terrible blisters on my feet
so i had to improvise bandaids with
 my hair ties and some paper napkins LOL

Lyuba is the Queen of the Pose

trying to get shots of the fireworks.

I know i have pics and vids somewhere

and the show ended and we had a lot of fun!

On another day we all decided to wear Yukata
& Take pictures in April's Backyard,
since her parents had a Pretty Koi Pond

I decided to wear my Yukata again, and this time
wore my Hanhaba obi i also bought in okinawa
But i realized , from these pics, i really needed
 to wear properUndergarments to flatten, it just
looks better when there is no boobage LOL

but these shots still were very pretty ^__^

i finally got proper Geta shoes to wear as well
 from a local asian shop lyuba took me to

My favorite pretty Lilac Peacock fan.
 it smells like lavender

April & Chi


Pretteh Koi

Lyuba even painted her toes to match! ^_^

One of my favorite shots of Lyuba
the light just made her glow

so much fun was had we went out to eat afterwards!
It became kind of a Tradition to eat out Asian after goiing out in Kimono or Yukata! ^__^

Here's a few more shots of us, but in Kimono this time!
I actually Cannot Recall the occasion for it,
but then again, we would dress up
for any reason at all LOL
This was in September

April started to wear her now Trademark Furisode.
She looks So Lovely in them, they suit her so well

This Kimono my Mother Gave me from her secret Collection.
It Became my First Official Kimono in my Collection

I Believe this to be an Okinawan Kimono,
Due to the Pattern and rounded sleeves.
I Love it so much now!

I Finally Aquired an obi of my own and some other essential pieces

The obi matches, but unfortunately it's too short on me
 for the pattern on the drum to be centered

By this time i had started to wear my hair up properly
and began my trademark of wearing lots of
flowers and decorations in my hair.

I also started to wear makeup more regularly with kimono

Some Various Kimono Outing shots of Lyuba
(since she didn't wear kimono in the previous shots):

I love her outfits!

This outing i cannot remember what it was for,
but i remember we purposfully
all wore Orange colors to match

Lyuba got me am Awesome Shi-sa Obi!
Thus sparking my obsession to collecting Shi-sa Kimono Items!
It is my Namesake after all!
I Love Shi-sa sooo much and my name means Love
so:  Shi-sa Ai ^__^!

the only thing i don't like about my outfit here
 is that i wore GETA with kimono!
Augh! but at the time i didn't own any Zori!
And i wasn't about to wear my blister shoes LOL

I Will Update with more pics tomorrow

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