The Pensacola Kimono Club

The Pensacola Kimono Club was Officially Founded on Feb 7th 2009 , by Lyuba , Fran, April & Myself ~ Aira.

We All Originate from different Countries, but all of us had a definite LOVE OF KIMONO.

We had all Previously Worn Kimono on our own prior to forming the Club, but not on a regular basis untill we all met Each other.

Since Then we have all Attended & Participated in many events and have gathered new members as well!

We've had such success in our gatherings that we decided to form our Club Officially and share our LOVE of Kimono as well as Educate about Kimono.

WE have recently been invited to participate in Japanese New Years, Bon Festivals and other Cultural events Locally, in Mobile as well as Milton occationally, so we can easily be found at our Booth at these events or wandering around enjoying the festivities.

Every Once and a While we Do Kimono Fashion shows, showcasing a variety of different Kimono from the Simple cotton Summer Yukata all the way to Formal Wedding Kimono for Both Men & Women!

We also try to do a Kimono 101 to explain and teach how to wear kimono and the names and purposes for all the pieces needed to wear kimono.

Generally we will be found making our regular Pit Stops at Barnes & Noble when we are out, so if y'all see us don't be afraid to stop and say Hello.

.....Just Don't call us Geisha's or ask us if we know Kung foo! LOL

.......No Seriously.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mini photoshoot 7-11-11

April , Brandy & I have been wanting to do a photoshoot/ gettogether for quite a while, but our schedules never work out, so we decided to try a mini photoshoot at my house to try to get shots near my pond.

Unfortunately the weather did not want to agree, and it was after 5pm,...but we made do.

April sported her new shiny copper skirt she bought at our recent shopping outting, and i decided to try a Yukata look i'd seen online.

I decided to dress Brandy up too, cuz i have been dying to. April lent us her yukata, and our coordination worked out unintentionally.

this was my inspiration:

i thought wearing leggings with a hiked up yukata was very cute

heres some of our shots:


only got a few quick shots at the pond before
it started raining on us so we
had to make a run for it back to my house!

we attempted to duplicate the pose from my reference

even our polish ended up matching!
none of it was planned!

We plan to try another similar shoot at my pond,...only during the day and in better weather! lol

we had to take all these shots on my back porch under the umbrella to keep from getting wet!

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